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fall/winter season 2024

Our program for third-grade competitive basketball players is a dynamic and comprehensive experience tailored to nurture young athletes with a passion for the game. Focused on skill development, teamwork, and fostering a love for basketball, this program goes beyond the basics, offering a structured curriculum that challenges and inspires. Led by dedicated coaches, our sessions emphasize age-appropriate drills, strategic gameplay, and a supportive environment aimed at instilling both confidence and a competitive spirit. Whether gearing up for leagues or tournaments, our program is finely tuned to provide the tools and guidance needed for these young players to flourish and enjoy a fulfilling journey in the world of competitive basketball.

Wednesdays & Fridays

3rd Grade Team

3rd grade team
5th grade team

Our fifth-grade competitive basketball program is tailored for young athletes seeking a heightened level of competition and skill refinement. Geared towards the dynamic needs of this age group, our program places a premium on honing advanced basketball techniques, strategic gameplay, and fostering a deep appreciation for the sport. Led by experienced coaches, our sessions are designed to challenge and elevate players to their full potential. With a focus on both individual development and cohesive teamwork, our fifth-grade program prepares players for the demands of competitive leagues and tournaments. We prioritize a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, ensuring that these budding athletes not only excel on the court but also derive immense joy and satisfaction from their basketball journey.

Wednesdays & Fridays

5th Grade Team

6th grade team

Our sixth-grade competitive basketball program is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of budding athletes eager to excel in the world of basketball. Tailored for this crucial transitional age, our program places a strong emphasis on refining fundamental skills, fostering a deep understanding of strategic gameplay, and instilling a competitive mindset. Led by experienced coaches committed to player development, our training sessions strike the perfect balance between individual growth and cohesive teamwork. Whether gearing up for leagues or tournaments, our program provides a comprehensive and supportive environment that empowers sixth-grade players to hone their skills, boost their confidence, and elevate their performance on the court. Join us on this exciting journey as we nurture a passion for the game and prepare these young athletes for success in competitive basketball.

Wednesdays & Fridays

6th Grade Team

Our seventh-grade competitive basketball program is meticulously crafted to empower young athletes aspiring to make a significant impact on the court, especially those eyeing tryouts for their school's basketball team. Tailored for the unique needs of seventh-graders, our program places a strong emphasis on refining advanced basketball skills, tactical understanding, and fostering a competitive mindset. Led by seasoned coaches with a track record of success, our training sessions are designed to elevate individual performance and promote effective teamwork. With an eye on the intricacies of school team tryouts, we provide targeted guidance to ensure players are well-prepared for the challenges ahead. Our program not only instills a passion for the game but equips seventh-grade players with the confidence and expertise needed to excel at both the competitive level and school team tryouts.

Wednesdays & Fridays

7th Grade Team

7th grade team

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Customized uniforms with player names are available for an additional fee (while some rental uniforms are provided, they must be returned), and any optional team swag can be purchased separately to enhance the players' sense of identity and pride in the program.

uniforms & swag


We actively engage in diverse leagues and tournaments across the Salt Lake Valley, spanning from summer tournaments to league play in the Fall, Winter, and Spring; team entry fees vary, and we organize fundraisers to alleviate costs and ensure accessible participation for our dedicated players.

Leagues & Tournaments


The monthly fees for our program encompass the cost of court rental space and professional coaching, ensuring a well-equipped and expertly guided environment for the development of our young competitive basketball players.

Monthly fees - $150



*Your first practice is free!