developing athletes

The Bulls Basketball Program stands out as the ultimate choice for young athletes striving to amplify their skills and foster personal growth. With a meticulously crafted curriculum, it not only hones fundamental techniques but also emphasizes the development of leadership, teamwork, and resilience. The vibrant community is a great place for budding athletes to thrive, flourish, and unlock their true potential both on and off the court.

Changing the game of youth basketball.

We know finding a good team to grow with, can be challenging to find.

Meet Coach Mike, the driving force behind the Bulls Basketball Program. With a passion for basketball that runs deep, Coach Mike's journey into coaching was ignited by his daughter Gabby's competitive basketball pursuits. Drawing from years of dedicated involvement in developing basketball athletes, Coach Mike has become a beacon of expertise in the Salt Lake Valley. His love for the game, coupled with an unwavering commitment to player growth, has led him to create a program that transcends others. Unlike many coaches, Mike doesn't have children on the team; he coaches because it's his true calling. With a decade of experience teaching elementary school PE, he found a new sense of purpose molding young basketball players. His focus extends beyond the court, aiming to instill values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and the drive to achieve future team aspirations. Coach Mike envisions a Bulls Sports Complex, a hub for diverse basketball programs, tournaments, and a community of athletes aspiring to reach new heights. Join Coach Mike on this exciting journey as we shoot for the stars together!

Coach Mike Wilson